Estrace improves such menopause symptoms as hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, burning, and irritation.
Active Ingredient: Estradiol
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Other names of Estrace: 
Absorlent Activella Activelle Aerodiol Agofollin Akrofolline Alcis Allurene Alora Angeliq Angemin Armonil Avaden Avadène Avixis Bedol Benzo-ginestryl Bisteron Bothermon Calidiol Cliane Climaderm Climagest Climara Climaval Climen Climene Climesse Climodien Clinorette Clionara Cliovelle Combipatch Compudose Convadien Crinohermal Cutanum Cyclacur Cyclo-progynova Cyclocur Cyclofemina Delestrogen Depo-estradiol Dermestril Despamen Di-pro Dihormon Dilena Dimenformon Divigel Divina Diviplus Diviseg Diviseq Divitren Diviva Duofemme Duokliman Délidose Elestrin Elleste solo Emmenovis Enadiol Encore Endomina Ephelia Ep hormone Epiestrol Esclima Esjin Esprasone Essventia Estalis Estolmon Estopause Estracomb Estracombi Estracomb tts Estraderm Estradiol cypionate Estradiolo Estradiolum Estradot Estragest tts Estrahexal Estramon Estrana Estranova e Estrapatch Estrasorb Estrena Estreva Estrifam Estrimax Estring Estro-pause Estrodose Estrofem Estroffik Estrogel Estronorm Esumon Etrosteron Eutocol Evamist Eviana Evopad Evorel Exuna Femalon Femanest Femanor Femasekvens Fematab Fematrix Femiderm tts Femidot Femiest Femilar Femring Femsept Femsete Femtrace Femtran Femvulen Filena Folivirin Gelestra Ginaikos Ginatex Ginoderm Gynamon Gynodian depot Gynokadin Gynokadin gel Gynovel Gynpolar Hormodiol Hormodose Hormonin Innofem Kliane Klimapur Klimodien Kliofem Kliogest Kliovance Lafamme Lindisc Linoladiol Lutes Menest Menformon-k Menodin Meno implant Menorest Menostar Menovis Mericomb Meriestra Merigest Merimono Mesalin Mesigyna Mevaren Mirion Naemis Natazia Natifa Neofollin Nofertyl Nomagest Nomestrol Noviana Novofem Novofemme Novular Octodiol Oesclim Oestraclin Oestradiol Oestring Oestro Oestrodose Oestrogel Oromone Osmil Ovahormon Pausene Pausigin Pausogest Pelanin Perifem Perikliman Perlutal Postoval Prid Pridoestrol Primaquin Primodian Primogyn Primogyna Progro Progyluton Progynon Progynova Prosu Provames Qlaira Renodiol Revalor Riselle Ronfase Rontagel Sandrena Sequidot Sisare Sprediol Synapause-e3 Syncro mate b Synovex Synovular Systen Topasel Tradelia Transvital Trevina Triaklim Trial Triaval Tridestra Trisekvens Trivina Tulita Vagifem Vermagest Yectames Zerella Zumenon 
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  • Common use

    Estrace belongs to the class of medications named estrogen replacement therapy. Estrogen is a hormone produced by the ovaries, specific estrogen-receptors are located in different organs (in the uterus, vagina, urethra, mammary glands, liver, hypothalamus, pituitary) and stimulates development and growth of female sex organs starting from puberty: uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, stroma and ducts of mammary glands, pigmentation of nipples and genitals, formation of secondary sexual characteristics of female type, formation of epiphyses of long bones. Estrogen is responsible for the timely and regular rejection of the endometrium and bleeding, in high concentrations estrogen causes endometrial hyperplasia, suppresses lactation, inhibits bone resorption. Estrace is used to treat menopause symptoms which include hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, burning, and irritation. It is also used for treatment of cancer in women and men and osteoporosis.

    Dosage and direction

    Take exactly as prescribed by your doctor, follow all recommendations. Estrace tablets should be taken one time a day. In women a cyclic regimen may be administered: 23 days the tablets are taken, followed by the next 5 days without any medication intake. After that the cycle resumes. The adhesive part of the patch should be sticked to a hairless part of trunk (hips, shoulder but not on the breasts), choose non-irritated healthy skin site. Change the place of plaster application each other week. Stick it immediately to the skin after you removed a protective layer and press tight to your skin during at least 10 seconds.


    Before taking Estrace inform your doctor if you have severe blood diseases, circulation problems, a hormone-related cancer (breast or uterine cancer), or excessive vaginal bleeding. Long-term treatment by Estrace may result in increased risk of breast cancer, heart attack, or stroke, it cannot be used in pregnant women.


    Hypersensitivity, pregnancy, estrogen depending malignant neoplasms, unusual or undiagnosed genital and uterine bleeding, thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disease in active phase (excluding treatment of breast and prostate cancer). Carefulness should be exercised in patients with thrombophlebitis, thrombosis or thromboembolism (during the intake of estrogens in history); family hyperlipoproteinemia, pancreatitis, endometriosis, gallbladder disease in history, severe liver failure, jaundice, hepatic porphyria, hypercalcemia associated with metastases in bones caused by a breast cancer. Only for treatment of breast and prostate cancer: diseases of the coronary or cerebral vessels, active thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disease.

    Possible side effect

    Common side effects include: breast pain or tenderness; headache; hair loss; spotting or breakthrough bleeding; mild nausea or vomiting;stomach cramps or bloating.
    Serious side effects are allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); back pain;breast discharge or lump in the breast; calf or leg pain or swelling; chest pain; coughing up blood; dark urine; depression; dizziness; fainting; fever; memory problems; mental or mood changes; muscle pain; one-sided weakness; painful or difficult urination; persistent or severe breast pain or tenderness; persistent or severe headache, nausea, or vomiting; severe stomach pain or swelling; slurred speech; sudden shortness of breath; sunburn-like rash; swelling of hands, legs, or feet; unusual vaginal bleeding, discharge, itching, or odor; vision changes; vomiting; weakness or numbness of an arm or leg; yellowing of the skin or eyes.

    Drug interaction

    Estrogen can inhibit the metabolism of cyclosporine resulting in increase of its levels in blood and kidney and/or liver damage. Estrogen may increase the risk of liver disease in patients treated by dantrolene. Known to affect a clot formation Estrace should be used carefully together with warfarin (Coumadin). Enhanced metabolism and excretion of Estrace may be stipulated by rifampin, barbiturates, carbamazepine (Tegretol), griseofulvin, phenytoin (Dilantin) and primidone.

    Missed dose

    If you missed a dose take it as soon as you remember, but not if it is almost time of the next intake by your schedule. If so skip the missed dose. Do not try to make up a missed dose by taking an extra one.


    If you suspect that you took too much of the medication seek for immediate medical attention. Your symptoms may appear as nausea, vomiting, or vaginal bleeding.


    Store Estrace in a dry tight container away from sunlight at room temperature between 15-30 C (59-86 F) away from children and pets.


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